At Jo’s Angels, we understand that it may be difficult understanding your loved one’s diagnosis and learning how to care for them. That is why we provide information regarding daily living tips, Alzheimer’s Disease, occupational tips and more.

Senior Corner

So, Mom’s making a mess at the dinner table. Seems like all the food ends up on the table as she busily tries to eat the floral arrangement painted on the plate. Solution: Switch to a plain white plate (no border). Let her chase the pretty yellow corn, green string beans, etc! Also, I found…

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Alzheimer’s Disease

Q: What is Alzheimer’s Disease?
A: Alzheimer’s Disease causes memory, judgment, thinking and behavior problems, and is the most common cause of Dementia.

Q: What are the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease?
A: The symptoms include memory loss, problems with concentrating, changes in personality and judgment difficulties.

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Occupational Tips

  • Remove all rugs because they can cause falls and other accidents
  • Install stable railings near all stairs
  • Make sure all rooms are adequately and evenly lit

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