Jo’s Angels provided round the clock care for my father during the final months of his life. The care and compassion of the caregivers went well above and beyond expectations. We never had to worry about coverage – they never left my father unattended and pulled extra shifts if necessary to ensure our family was supported. It was clear that it was more than just a job to the caregivers , it was a mission and calling. The personal and loving attention they provided truly made a difference to my father and the rest of our family. I now know firsthand why they came so highly recommended. Many thanks to the Angels for the care and blessings they provided!

Pam B., Severna Park, MD

When I think of Jo’s Angels, I think of family. Words cannot begin to express how much we appreciated Kim and what a Godsend she was to us especially during the last few months of life for my Mom, Amelia. Her relentless encouragement gave Amelia that much-needed energy to keep on going. Kim was like family. She was amazing in even the little things she did to make everyone’s life a little easier. She treated our family like it was her family. I know Amelia loved her and that’s why she continues to send her love from up above.

Helen, Treated like Family

Lovely people to work with and a staff who is caring and devoted to helping families take care of their every needs… proud to be a member of this team.

Lauren Carter, Jo's Angels