About Us

who we are


Jo’s Angels, LLC is a small residential caregiving and companion agency that offers help to your loved ones, specifically offering Alzheimer’s care and support.

Although we specialize with those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, we are there for you, no matter what the need may be…24/7.

Jo’s Angels originated in Maryland in 2011. Since then we have found our way to become active members in our communities in Anne Arundel County, MD, in Florida, in Washington, D.C. and beyond, advocating and reaching out to others in need of services to keep living at its best.

We follow the guidelines for care set forth by the Department of Aging per state.

our mission

*To help those in need find comfort, safety and occupational awareness within their home.

Jo’s Angels offers companion caregivers, family support, nursing home visits, overnight stays and family crisis intervention.

*To support fundraising efforts and advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association.

In memory of JoAnn Tarum


Our Vision

To provide affordable solutions for caregiving with commitment and loyalty.

To support our clients’ needs through companions and caregivers, home health aides and homemakers.

Our Locations

Offices located in Maryland and Florida
Jo’s Angels
981 Shoreland Drive
Glen Burnie, MD 21060

Telephone: 443.557.8244

Lisa Crowley, President / Owner

E-mail: info@josangels.com